abra-gum.Gomme de nettoyage pour disque bande abrasive


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Reference: RGEVOLENS

Protective films for Rgunlight Evo bag 48 pieces

Protect your Rgunlight Evo with our screen protectors!Keep your paint spray lamp in top condition with our specially designed screen protectors. Each bag contains 48 pieces for long-lasting protection against scratches and paint splashes. Transparent and easy to install, our films preserve the clarity and performance of your lamp.

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Reference: RGEVO

Rgunlight Evo PHENDER paint spray gun lamp 2 magnet holder

Rgunlight Evo paint spray lamp from PHENDER.Created in partnership, the Rgunlight EVO features cutting-edge technology.Designed to fit 99% of spray guns on the market, this patented lamp offers a solution for professionals who want improved visibility during their applications.The Rgunlight Evo paint spray gun lamp features a high-resolution 50-LED light...

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Reference: mk000050

Line marker PHENDER

Discover the PHENDER line marker, the essential tool for bodybuilders who want to create original bodywork lines quickly and accurately. Whether the lines are hidden behind mastics or primers, our revolutionary line marker will help you get the job done perfectly.Measuring 20.5 cm long, 4.2 cm wide and 5.5 cm high, it can be extended by 5 mm to 165 mm and...

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Reference: LIG2

x2 handle protectors for bikes and scooters

Protect your handles from viruses Cap'Handles Cap Vea are devices designed to protect vehicle handles when renting or lending them, preventing the transmission of disease.Made from natural latex, they offer the following advantages:- suitable for bicycles, scooters, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters (electric), jet skis, snowmobiles  Handling tools: hand...

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